This resource is to help parents, carers and teachers from across Europe work together in supporting school-age children with ADHD. The following sections have been developed to cover the key steps needed to encourage them to thrive both at home and in the school environment.

About ADHD

Identifying the symptoms and effects of ADHD on the child, the family and the school

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School life > In the classroom

Supporting children with ADHD in the classroom and increasing their chances of success

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School life > Coping with change

Overcoming common challenges seen when children with ADHD start a new class or school

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School life > Managing behaviours

Helping children with ADHD manage their challenging behaviours and take control of difficult situations

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Life skills

Building skills beyond the classroom in areas such as relationships and time management

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ADHD Together

A resource for parents, carers and teachers to benefit children with ADHD, developed by Shire, in collaboration with ADHD-Europe and the European ADHD Awareness Taskforce.

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Find out about the members of the European ADHD Awareness Taskforce whose expert advice guided the content development of this site.

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Take children on an educational adventure to learn more about ADHD.