Managing distractions

In the classroom

Managing distractions

This section helps teachers to: 

  • Manage distractions and safety in the classroom with children with ADHD.

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Learning and safety

Many children can become distracted at school, whether in routine activities such as morning assembly or in lessons that they do not find interesting or stimulating.

Children with ADHD generally experience greater challenges during the day than children without ADHD.Distractions can occur when children with ADHD are:

  • Unable to filter out things happening around them
  • Easily diverted from what they should be focusing on
  • Slow to refocus their attention.

By minimising distractions teachers can help a child to concentrate and learn in the classroom. This coaching presentation brings together ways to: 

  • Minimise distractions for children with ADHD
  • Manage safety issues.

Managing distractions in the classroom

A coaching tool providing advice on how to minimise distractions for people with ADHD and manage safety issues


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These materials have been produced with practical advice and guidance provided by the expert European ADHD Awareness Taskforce.