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Welcome to the Quest Map Challenge

Have fun and learn about ADHD together.

Quest Map Challenge – a game of:

  • Taking chances to see if you can work out what to do
    in sticky situations
  • Answering questions to explore ADHD
  • Tackling challenges to build your confidence
  • Earning rewards for completing each section.

Are you ready? Can you do it? Finish the whole Quest Map Challenge and reveal an exciting game that will test your speed and concentration – see who can get the best score!

While making progress on their Quest, your Challenger will receive help and support with their behaviour, feelings, education and learning, and friendships – not to mention being allowed to practice cutting, sticking and drawing!

Choose from two trails:

Newly Diagnosed - for children who have recently
been diagnosed with ADHD

Already Diagnosed - for children who have been
diagnosed with ADHD for some time.

Quest Map Challenge